Jo has a great style about her~~she is one of my favorite yoga teachers. If you haven’t had the chance to take her class yet, it’s a must. I love the sense of calm she brings when I’m on my mat. She helped me get deeper into a few postures I was struggling with and it really helped me take my practice to the next level.
— rachel leone, owner, leone marketing
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I was crushed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. I had always been active and healthy, so I couldn’t imagine what I had done wrong. That news came to me just three months after my husband’s life-changing serious burn injury, making for quite a second year of marriage. I started practicing yoga on a regular basis in 2009. I enjoyed not just the physical part of the practice, but the break it gave my mind and the boost it brought to my self-confidence. The only real issue was that my breast form kept slipping out of my top! But I felt so strong, free and even beautiful in class that one day I finally tossed it to the side of my mat. When no one seemed to notice or care, I realized that a yoga studio was a sacred space, indeed.

As difficult as my own health struggles were, it wasn’t until my husband faced some sudden, severe~~and frightening~~heart issues that my practice was elevated to another level. That was when I found true comfort on my mat, and a peace that seemed unattainable anywhere else.

I was inspired to share the fruits of this practice with others in 2014, so I that's when I began my 200-hour teacher training at Open Doors Yoga Studios in Weymouth. I've done additional study in Teaching to Beginners, Prenatal Yoga and Fluid Yoga assisting; I'm Yoga 4 Cancer, yin yoga and Level II Reiki certified; and I obtained my 300-hour yoga certification in May of 2019. I also bring my years of experience in aromatherapy into my classes. I truly delight in making sessions accessible to everyone, and I love the mindfulness yoga brings to time spent off the mat. Practice time reminds us to be present, and we can’t be any more ourselves as when we’re moving organically and breathing.

I've used yoga to nurture myself as both a survivor and caregiver, and I know what a difference this practice can make in life. If you’re looking for a physical and mental reset and have never practiced before, please contact me and give it a try. It’s the ultimate in self-care, and there’s no one who can’t use an extra helping of that.

But enough about me ... this is about you. What's your story?

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I first met Jo when she was co-leading a restorative yoga workshop. This was the first yoga class that I was able to fully participate in and not feel defeated. Prior to this workshop, my lack of the strength, balance & flexibility precluded my ability to engage in even a gentle yoga class. So I signed up for 1:1 yoga sessions with Jo to address my limitations. With loving compassion, enthusiasm, gentleness and the just-right level of support, Jo progressed my abilities & yoga practice so that I am now able to attend group yoga classes. In addition to yoga, to reduce my response to stressors, she ended our sessions with healing touch & aromatherapy. Jo is an outstanding yoga teacher, and a shining Light!
— shelley goodgold